Frequently Asked Questions

For many fruit tree owners,  having a group of volunteers come to your home carting ladders and baskets and leaving with a van full of fruit might be a new experience. We here at NOFTP want to make your harvest a simple and joyous occasion. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our harvesting operations.

What fruits will NOFTP harvest?

NOFTP has harvested almost every citrus available in Louisiana and citrus season is our busiest time of year. We will also harvest figs, pears and peaches.  At this time we are not collecting pecans due to limitations in processing equipment.

Is my tree right for a harvest?

NOFTP asks that at least 100 pounds of fruit be available (does not apply to kumquats, figs, etc). This is approximately four milk crates full of fruit. Since the majority of the harvested fruit is donated to organizations that feed the hungry quantity is important to us.

Accessibility is also very important for a successful harvest. NOFTP has 6 and 8 foot ladders plus 12 foot fruit pickers and are able to reach fruit less than two stories high but to avoid accidents we try to keep our volunteers and staff on the ground as much as possible. NOFTP can work around landscaping, roots and a slew of other obstacles but please help us out by cleaning the area around your tree, especially any mess left behind by pets!

Where does the fruit go after the harvest?

NOFTP works with a number of organizations that help get fresh fruit to those who need it most. NOFTP has donated fruit to the following organizations:

Second Harvest Food Bank

Tulane Community Health Center

Latino Farmers Co-op

Ozanam Inn

With the agreement of the fruit tree donor, some fruits are sold to help cover our operational costs. Last citrus season, less than 5% of the harvested fruit was sold.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. NOFTP is a program of the Carrollton-Hollygrove Community Development Corportation, a  registered 501(c)3. A Receipt of Donation will be provided following each harvest.


Thanks for your support!

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